Unity Web Player Test

Warning: this test can cause your browser to hang or crash!

The links below lead to three web pages, one with a single instance of the unity web player, one with four and one with twelve. All instances show the same build of the same project, which is extremely simple. It is a simple rotating cube. In other words it has zero assets or code. The whole build is 9k. You can download the project as a zip here.

The tests so far reveal that:

In case you didn't reach this page from Unity Answers, the related topic is here. If you perform the test, please add a comment somehwere on that topic so that we have more data to analyze.

Results Table

Machine SpecTest typeBrowserCPU Peak (*)Memory UsageNotes
Intel E6420
GeForce 8800 GTS
32bit Windows 7
4 or 12 Chrome 17 50% (completely hogs one CPU) 1.5GB Mouse wheel unresponsive. Unable to scroll by holding the scroll bar. Low framerate.
4Firefox 3.650%?Mouse wheel unresponsive.
12Firefox 3.650%1.7GBMouse wheel unresponsive. One instance of Unity crashed. Low framerate.
4IE 8??Mouse wheel unresponsive.
12IE 8?2BCrash
Intel i5
Radeon HD 6470M
Windows 7 64bit
4 Chrome 17 20% 0.5GB
12 Chrome 17 25% 1.5GB Low framerate
Pentium D dual core 3GHz
Nvidia 8600 GTS
Win XP 32bit
4 Firefox 4 35%-40% ?
i2 duo 2.66Ghz
GeForce 7300
Win 7 64bit
4 Firefox 10.0.2
Chrome 17.0.963.78
Explorer 9
? ? "...a little stopping in the middle but no big issue."

(*) With scrolling.